Late but better than never 

Late but better than never

Wow, so many things going on this week and I haven't had time yet to even post about Sunday yet! Well, here it is anyway. I attended dismissal this week, even though I didn't have to yet, just because I was at the right Mass for it and wanted to see if I could get a taste of what I will be experiencing on Sundays between now and Easter. It was really increadible. It was like the best non-Catholic in-depth Bible study I ever attended, and yet this was even more focused because we also studied how the two reading and the Gospel tied together, which I had never done much before. We really delved into the background of the writing as well, discussing why the authors of the texts were discussing matters in the specific sense that they were. I am now really looking forward to dismissals!

However, there are two snags right now that I would like prayer for, if anyone would not mind. The first is that, as I have mentioned, my Rite of Acceptance is this coming Sunday. However, on Sunday as well, my mother needs a ride to and from church at the Presbyterian church just down the street. This would greatly interfere with my making to to my practice and preparation time for the Rite, and yet my mom cannot find someone else to take her.

Also of concern is the fact thgat previous to this, I have not had a problem attending either 10:30am or 5:30pm Sunday Mass, especially since my husband would sleep in SUnday morning, and then be at work by 3pm in the afternoon. However, when he is home, awake, and off work, he expects me to spend time with him, to the exclusion of all activities which we can not do together. His work schedule recently changed so he will be off on Sunday afternoons. On the one hand I am happy I will be able ot spend more time with him, and on the other I am concerned that he will try to keep my from Mass on the SUndays that it falls in the evening, as he has no desire to go with me.

I know God will take care of these issues in His time and in His way, but I alsmot can't help but worry.

In other news, earlier this week I was touched by the Gospel reading out of Luke 9 which spoke of Jesus encounter with religious views that did not match his own. Rather than call down fire on them for turning Him away, as two disciples suggested, the rebuked the disciples and went on His way, showing a tolerance toward the Samaratians. It struck me as simlar to the way Catholics veiw a lot of practices of their "separated brethren" as valid, such as properly performed baptism, and marriage between two baptized non-Catholics. Jesus quietly disagreed with the Samaratians, and went on His way, just as many of the Catholics I know and have heard speak seem to do. THey do not make a huge point of trying to change a person's mind; they simply live out their faith without being offended at the otehr persin's unbelief and even negative attitude. Quite a contrast to most non-Catholic Christians I know.

Anyway, till next time, may God richly bless you.

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