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Ugh! Here I am again desertdreamer81 01/07/2006
Ah, feeling better desertdreamer81 12/17/2005
Some Catching Up desertdreamer81 12/10/2005
Telling a few and RCIA desertdreamer81 11/21/2005
RCIA and a pleasant surprise desertdreamer81 11/14/2005
Adoration and Novena desertdreamer81 11/09/2005
RCIA and Coming Home desertdreamer81 11/07/2005
All Saint's Day desertdreamer81 11/01/2005
More lessons and some insight desertdreamer81 10/24/2005
Back in the grind desertdreamer81 10/10/2005
I'm officially Accepted desertdreamer81 10/02/2005
Nervous? Yes! desertdreamer81 10/02/2005
Late but better than never desertdreamer81 09/29/2005
Catechist Sunday desertdreamer81 09/18/2005
Feeling all right desertdreamer81 09/16/2005
RCIA and Random Miracles desertdreamer81 09/14/2005
More RCIA desertdreamer81 09/07/2005
Catch-up desertdreamer81 09/04/2005
Wow! (really!) desertdreamer81 08/27/2005
Past Experience desertdreamer81 08/26/2005
More Lessons desertdreamer81 08/23/2005
Contrast and Connection desertdreamer81 08/21/2005
First RCIA desertdreamer81 08/19/2005
Some progress desertdreamer81 08/13/2005
Back again desertdreamer81 07/31/2005
General Intro desertdreamer81 07/23/2005

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