Catechist Sunday 

Catechist Sunday

Today was the Sunday that Father Steve blessed and commisioned the cathechists for the first commmunion and confirmation classes, which start this week in my parish. The purpose of this was to signify the importance of the role they play in the religious community. Father blessed them and sprinkled them with holy water, and they remained on the dias with him through the prayers of the faithful. I attended the Mass that the RCIA candidates were supposed to attend, and when it was time for the dismissal, there was only one person and their sponsor who went forward, so I guess there will be a lot of growth in the group in a couple weeks :).

Wow! Today's gospel has been a passage I always have struggled with, and today Father Steve really explained it so I could grasp it. He talked most about the workers picked up at 5pm, just in time for one hour of work, and how we all are like those workers. The 5pm workers were probably still not hired because no one wanted to hire them, just like the kid who gets picked last for a team in PE, and only gets picked because everyone has to play (boy, have I been there.) But the message is that it doesn't matter what your status is in the world, Jesus has chosen people to follow Him, and offers them all the same thing: the promise of eternal life. Wow! I've read this passage a million times and now it just blows me away to think of it in this way! Anyway, I may be able to attend daily Mass on Friday this week, depending on how the week goes. Looking forward to that, and to maybe getting/meeting a sponsor for my spiritual journey this week.

Till next time ,then. Feel free to post any thoughts at all, btw.

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