RCIA and Random Miracles 

RCIA and Random Miracles

First, I wanted to talk about a random miracle God sent my way over the course of the last few days that has led up to where I am now. Over a week ago, by accident, I thought, I ended up at a city vendor showcase, and "Happened" to stumble into a chiropractor's booth next to that of one of my friends. He was able to tell me then that my back was way off, and could I come in for a free evalutation to see if he could help me.

My evaluation was on Saterday, and I learned that my back is really screwed up, still had a huge muscle spasm over the site of the injury, and that all the nerve interference was causing my right leg to be 1/4 of an ince shorter than my left, throwing me even more out of alignment. Despite the cost, I decided I needed to give this a try, since on Friday at work I was in so much pain that I was very close to just quitting and going home several times.

Now for the real miracle. Today was my first "real" appointment, where the Dr. took x-rays and did my first adjustment. All that went well, and he was able to tell me that the top bone in my neck was shifted forward on both sides. He adjusted me, then took me to a bed in the back and told me to rest for 45 minutes. At the end of that, he tested me again, and my legs were the same length again!!!! Not only that but before I left his office I felt the pain in my back lessening a LOT!... As today went on it got better and better, until this evening I actually had a few hours where I felt NO PAIN! My husband was a bit surprised that I was feeling so much better (he didn't know I got adjusted today) and my mom commented that I was standing up straight again. I really hope I keep feeling this well tomorrow for work, as I can truly say I have not felt this good since I was in college.

RCIA news is good too. I missed our session last night due to the conflict I mentioned, but as of today that conflict is resolved. I had an interview with Debbie and Father Steve at my parish, and we all agreed that I was ready to move into the next stage of RCIA and participate first in the Rite of Acceptance in October, and then join the other candidates after Sunday Mass for discussion. Also, I was encouraged that my marriage is already blessed by the Church since both me and my husband were properly baptized, albeit as Protestants, and that my baptism is acceptable, even if I cannot locate my makeshift certificate. Now I need to find a sponsor....and prepare for the Rite of Acceptance. Yay!!!

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