Telling a few and RCIA 

Telling a few and RCIA

Okay, so I mixed up the title words a bit this time. Ithought I would actually put the topics in the order I wanted to discuss them. What a concept, eh? :)

First a quick catch up from this last week. I told my weight loss support group on Tuesday as planned, and it went better than I expected. I even found that one of the groups members is a former Catholic; I'll have to get her story sometime. My mom told my dad sometime on wednesday, and at first he seem rather accepting, if not very enthused about the idea. Then on Friday, he lashed out a bit about of all things going to Confession on Saterdays, are non-Catholics saved, and celebacy of preists and the sex scandal with the Church. At the moment I am trying not to take it too personal, since my dad is dealing with a lot right now, or maybe I should say he is avoiding a lot right now. My conversion is at the moment the icing on a very bitter cake. He found out this past week that a sore that would not heal on his chest is actually basal cell carcinoma. He refuses to talk about it, or even read about it. Then I tell him I am becoming Catholic, a faith step he does not see as positive at all. Needless to say he is in my prayers.

I found it ironic that this Sunday's psalm was the 23rd, given that my parent's church has been studying it for the past 6 weeks in the light of grace. Our deacon ran the dismissal for the first time yesterday, and it was a bit funny, since he did not know what to do, but it was good in the way that we had a really good discussion about the readings that went a bit longer than normal, but it was worth it. Our discussion was to be on the liturgical seasons, but I had to leave early so I missed that part, although I took the handouts, and my sponsor stayed to be able to let me know what happened.

I went and saw Harry Potter with my husband as well, yesterday, and my in-laws went with us. We went to the biggest theater complex in town and ended up in the biggest theater there, but it was still a great experience. My favorite part was at the end when Dumbldore tells Harry that bad times are coming, and the dragons. I'm not going to post any more on the movie than that, for anyone who does not like spoilers....and because this blog is not about movies. :)

Then I went to a thanksgiving dinner for my parent's church that was really good as far as food went, and I broke my news to a few more people, including one that has been a spiritual brother to me for years, and me a spiritual sister to him. He has promised that we need to discuss it some, but he did not seem upset, if nothing else, maybe just curious. My mother also has been a bit curious. She occationally throws out questions about Mass, and has already agreed to come to my reception at Easter.

More on today, tomorrow! God Bless!

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