First RCIA 

First RCIA

Hey again,

Well, I survived my first RCIA class. Of all things for the topic to be, it would be the one that has been a sticking issue in my study of Catholic beliefs: reverance for Mary, Jesus' mother. And wouldn't you know it, but the reading we were given answered a lot of my questions though not all. I still wonder where the belief in Mary's assumption "body and soul" into heaven came from. I find a lot of references in early writings for believing her to be ever-virgin, as well as reasonable explainations for Jesus' brother and sisters that does not involve Mary being pregnant again, but not much for Mary's assumption, especially in early writings. Maybe I can ask about that next week, when a deacon is supposed to come. I also want to ask if there is a relic in the alter, and if so what is it. Anyway, that's my only update at the moment, besides the fact that I am on Day 4 of the Preparation for Total Consecration, by St. Louis de Montford (?), and finding it very interesting.... more to come, I'm sure.

God bless

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