More lessons and some insight 

More lessons and some insight

Sorry it has been a while, all, but I umm......missed Mass last week due to illness. Anyway, yesterday's dismissal was awesome in more than one way. One way needs some background, though.

I am still a little shaky on whether or not I really want to do this, or if it is a fling, especially since my Dear Husband is so opposed to it. However, in order to try to get a little direction, I asked my weight loss group friends to pray for me, that I would get some guidance and/or discernment in "an important matter" (I did not come right out and say what it was)> I told them I need a definate open or closed door, or at least a door either moving closed or moving open. :) Yes, I am a bit picky at times, and sometimes stubborn. However, I also was praying specifically for guidance and discernment regarding my doubts and fears.

Then yesterday I had a "light bulb moment" during dismissal when I finally understood why the Catholic Church accepts baptisms performed by other Christians (within certain guidelines, of course). Our teacher for the session was going through an introduction to sacraments and the Sacraments, and when she touched on baptism she mentioned that the idea is that the Holy Spirit does the work through.....some word I can't remember now that means a sybol that stands for what is really happening through the power of God, like baptism. The reason this is such a big thing for me is based on something my Husband said a while ago about his own past when he said he hoped his baptism was good since he had since realized that the person who baptized him was part of a rather off-beat Christian sect that whiole passonate and harmless, had some bits of theology about their particular church that were wrong. I also have had moments of doubt like this, although I did not speak of them. To have God show me with great assurance that my baptism and that of my husband are valid because the validity does not depend on the actions and purity of the one baptizing (again, within certain guielines), but IT RELIES ON THE ACTIONS OF GOD! Wow!

Also we talked about preparing for confession and previewed next week's talk on the saints, and about our choosing a saint's name at confirmation. I was the only one who mentioned a specific saint that I was considering, though I am still looking. Anyhow, God bless everyone.

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