Past Experience 

Past Experience

I just wanted to toss out there the various places I have been religiously, in case anyone is wondering why it is such a big deal that I am considering Catholicism.

As I mentioned before, the church I have attended the longest has been a Pseudo-Prebyterian church. Before that, a time I only vaguely remember, was a large Baptist church my parents attended before I turned 4. We moved due to job relocating, and settled in at the PP church I just mentioned.

That was good enough while I lived at home, including vacations from college, but at college I searched and searched, trying out a Pentacostal style Bible-study, and not going anywhere, and going to whatever church my BF (now Hubby) wanted to try. Eventually we both settled into a Church of Christ in LA that would eventually become known as part of the International Church of Christ (ICOC). He got out shortly after baptism, advocating that I leave as well. For a while I did, since some of the questions I was asked became too personal.

My senior year of college I got back involved with ICOC and was actually baptized in November. What a blessing that was, then and now. After the baptism came a time, though where not only was I asked some very hard questions, but I was asked to believe and follow some things that I did not believe were exactly right. I left peaceably and returned home.

My Husband was back in the spiritual groove by then and after our summer marriage we stuck to the tradtitional COC first in town, then one in another nearby town. Soon, my Hubby's work schedule took him to work Sunday rather thant church, and my own faith experience became slowly less nurturing. The experience was great, but the teaching was not. So I decided after the outpouring of faithful at the death of the Pope that I would try to look into Catholicism, slowly at first. This impulse was helped along by several assignments form work involving First Communions.

And now I attend Mass whenever I can during the week, and always on Sundays, and am really finding in all my research that the teachings of Roman Catholics are true and make sense, sometimes more sense than stuff I have accepted since I was a child.

Anyway, that's where I've come from. Till next time......

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