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Well, last night was RCIA again, and this week I was not kept away by other obligations (read as sleep). This time was really engaging as we are working our way through the Nicene Creed and what each part means. I was releived to learn that Catholic DO believe, as Protestants, that all those who follow Christ are saints, not just those who have been officially recognized in the church. Also, Deacon Paul was there so I got to ask one of my questions, the one I had about the relic in the altar. He said he knows that there is one, but that he does not know for sure whose it is. We also talked a lot about the upcoming dedication Mass at the parish this coming November, and I got to use my new Catholic Bible for the first time in RCIA. I actually got it last Tuesday in the mail (bought on Ebay), but conked out around 7:30pm that night and missed RCIA.

I no longer feel the need to ask the question about how we know that Mary was assumed into Heaven, as I stumbled upon a few documents on the Web that led me to the appropriate translated texts describing the Apostle s and others seeing her die and be buried, only to go to exhume her body for reburial elsewhere and find the tomb already empty. The whole coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven still baffles me a bit, but I can at least see how one could interprete Scripture to allow for that to happen.

I have finally finished the first 12 days of the consecration to Jesus thru the heart of Mary. I am entering into the next stage of the consecration prep starting this evening. There are more and longer prayers, so it will take a bit more time each day than the first 12 did, but so far the experience has been rewarding, even though I have had to pause for a day here and there.

Starting next Tuesday, I have a weight loss support group meeting on Tuesday nights, right when RCIA is. I am still debating what to do right now, since my Dr. practically ordered me to lose a few pounds (and I do need to) but I don't want to miss too many RCIA meetings. I know I can attend at least once a month, when my support group takes a break to meet with similar groups in the area for "catching up." That meeting is less about health than it is about gossip, and so I can miss that easily. Abyway, I am continuing to pray about the situation.

One last thing: I interviewed yesterday for a job higher up in the company I currently work for, and am also praying about that, especially since my dear husband is making sure I know that I need to make more money more regularly (my current position is seasonal, with 7 weeks off in December thru February, and 7 weeks off June thru August). This position would solve both of those issues, at least for now. But we will see what God has planned.

Thanks for reading!

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