More Lessons 

More Lessons

Tonight was another RCIA meeting, one I was unfortunately late for due to The Husband's late leaving for work, which delayed my own errands by a bit. However, I was in time for a good discussion about God the Father. We are starting a unit on the Apostle's Creed, after spending one quick night on Mary and her role in the church. Hmm...Oh well, just because it is one of my major sticking points does not mean it is for everyone. Also, I didn't get to ask my questions this week, since I was late and missed the question time. I was a bit out of control all day today, and that trend continued tonight at the meeting, with me talking a bit too much and a bit off topic at times. I didn't get to do the dedication prep this morning, so maybe that had a bit to do with it. Not sure, but at any rate, I keep plugging along, reading "pillar of fire, pillar of truth" in my spare moments right now, and finishing up a book about the Mass. Hopefully I won't be late next week.

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