Contrast and Connection 

Contrast and Connection

Well, I saw today that at least a few people stopped by and looked, so I feel a bit better about continuing this blog. :)

Today some of the contrasts and similarities between the parish where I attend Mass and the pseudo-Presbyterian church that I have grown up in. At the moment I am still attending both, usually PP (pseudo-Presbyterian) i nthe morning, and Mass in the evening either on Saterday or Sunday, Today I actually really connected with people at the parish in a way I usually do at PP. At PP I usher every five weeks or so, and know a lot of faces and names, and share a long history with some of the regulars. Until today, I didn't really feel that same connection at all with my parish, but it so happened that the priest who usuallly presides at the daily Mass also precided this sunday that the evening mass, and on friday he had noticed my unusual keybob (it is a Mikey from Monsters Inc.) and today he also noticed it, and it made us both laugh.

I also got a chance to talke with the woman who runs the small bookstore at the parish, and talk with he about the parish and the people and about how I came to even consider the Catholic faith (touched by JPII's life amd esp. his death, initially) and we were able to talk for a few minutes and she showed me around and generally made me feel welcome. After attending here for a while I am now finally getting over being really shy and getting involved and really starting to feel connected.

Also, another thing I want to ask about at RCIA on tuesday is do I stay for the LIturgy of the Euchrist, or leave or do as I have been, which is approaching for a blessing, and iks there a set proceedure at this parish for how an adult must proceed in order to become Catholic. Just wanted to write that down before I forget....

Any comments on things I bring up on this blog are welcome, btw.! :)

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