RCIA and a pleasant surprise 

RCIA and a pleasant surprise

To start with, I can tell I am falling into a rut with my Sunday reflection postings, as my automatic fill-in program reminds me. I have been titling them "RCIA and....." But I like the format and will probably keep it.

Now onto completely new business. Thursday I was worknig at the school where the mother of my best friend in high school now works (the mother not the friend) and we got to talking and out of the blue she announces to me, "Did you know my daughter si converting to Catholicism? And her boyfriend is Catholic." To repeat a common sentiment in this blog, WOW! Of all the people I never suspected would be joining me on this journeey, at this precise time, it would never have been this particular person. We shared roughly the same educational and religious background, at least prior to me going to college. And yet through our differing experiences, God has set us both on the path home, and at the same time, which just blows me away.

In fact, I was so overcome, that I just blurted out that I was also converting, making my best friend's mother the first person outside of the parish I have told of my intention. I got so excited that I also broke one of my unspoken personal rules, of not going out late on a Thursday, especially if I have work in the morning. I broke this rule in order to meet up with my friend and her boyfriend at a local restaraunt at 8pm to talk ab out this whole becoming Catholic thing in both of our lives. We had briefly spoken recently, but she had not mentioned any of this to me, or anyone else, and in fact said that she was wondering how to tell me. It was great to have someone in a similar, though not same position to talk this over with, as well as have a cradle Catholic I could feel comfortable with and ask questions of (her boyfriend). I hope that we will be able to get together and talk again like that soon, especially since I have finally met my sponsor, and WOW! (I know I am being very repetative with this word, but it is perfect for what I am feeling, and so short it is easy to throw in. Maybe I will stop using it so much sometime after Easter. ;) )

Last night we had our usual dismissal, and as promised, the 3 of us who had not yet met our sponsors at last were able to connect a face with a name. My sponsor's name is Marta, and she is married to a convert and went through RCIA with him in order to be confirmed, so she knows roughly what is going to happen. And here is the Wow part: I feel really drawn to St. Monica, and am more and more convinced that I will probably take the name Monica for my confirmation, and Marta's patron saint is.....St. Monica! Just another one of those interesting coinkeedinks that are really showing me not only God's involvement in this process, but also his sense of humor.:P Anyhow, the topic last night was once again baptism, and also a review of what a sacrament is, and what an efficacious sign is. We also discussed how the process is going for us so far, and if we feel that the topics we have covered so far have been covered enough, andi f we have any difficulties so far. This session our focus in baptism turned to the Lord's baptism, based on the description in Matthew 3. We studied the signs present in His baptism, and what they signified to us, as well as watched a baptism from this past Easter in our own parish, and a video about the significance of adult baptism and its meaning to us as individuals and to the Church as a whole. We ran a bit late, but it worked out well.

Then today came my first major milestone in the "revealing my faith" mission. On Sunday in my Pres. church, the pastor talked about sharing the light you have been given, and being courageous and stepping thorugh the door of opportunity when it is opened and then opening that door to others. He made a special point of mentioning that you cannot open the door if others do not even know where you stand. That was another nudge from God to me, as I have been struggling with when and how to share my newfound convictions and conversion to the Catholic faith, and God clearly told me I need to start telling others. Today I told my mother.

I was going to do it over a nice relaxed lunch after we stopped by and talked with my friend at her place of work. After all I had already told her about my friend's conversion thoughts, and she didn't seem too shocked or horrified. Then work intervened and The leasurely day/lunch turned into just lunch, a little later than I had hoped. So I put it off until we got back to my parents' house and were waiting for my dad to get home. (I sometimes eat dinner there when my husband is working at night.) It took me a few tired but I finally got it out that I am converting to Catholicism, and my mother took it much better than I thought she might. Rather than be upset, she calmly asked me what was so attractive to me about the Catholic Church, and then asked if I would ever attend church with my parents again, and I think I managed to assure her, though we both agreed to wait to tell my dad until I have a bit more of a handle on how to say it a bit better. :) Then I invited her to be with me at the Easter vigil when I am received into the Church through First Communion and Confirmation. She seemed willing, and shortly after that my dad arrived, and the conversation on that topic is halted for the moment.

One other brief note before I sign off for the night: today I prayed the Rosary, and then spent another good while in prayer, jsut as part of the natural flow, and ended up spending about an hour straight in prayer, and boy did my day go well, despite the detours. I know it won't always be this way, but while it lasts right now, I feel like I am one a mountaintop, jsut like the retreats I went on when I was younger and I could really feel the presence of God in my life, only even stronger, since I am still in the midst of my everyday life while feeling this. Wow. God is sooooo good.

TIll next time, may God richly bless you.

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Wed Aug 9, 2006 10:17 am MST by pmuie bsafk

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