Ah, feeling better 

Ah, feeling better

Sorry for the gap in postings again, everyone. This week I have been feeling rather out of it, and also my dear husband had a nasty infection in his mouth that has left him feeling listless as well, and so I have been caring for him.

This past Sunday in RCIA we began talking about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This is a topic that I have already done a lot of study on, and actually really am longing for ,just as each time I go to Mass, I long for the Euchrist. Easter Vigil cannot come quickly enough.

Also found out that When I go down for my Rite of Sending and Call to Continuing Conversion at the Cathdral, I will be able to have my best friend from high school go with me! Yay! It will be the only Rite we will get to share, but we can celebrate on Easter Sunday together!

Two other things that are interesting have happened so far this week. The first is that I go my hands on a real-world copy of the Catechism and started reading it, along with a book full of probing questions about certain paragraphs, to get me thinking while I read. The online version of the Catechism is very useful, too, but I can't take it with me, and I don't like to read long things on the computer screen. So far I am only up to paragraph 30, but it has already grabbed my attention with the carefully chosen wording, and the description of how it was put together and how it should be used.

My second interesting thing is that I have started writing about my experiences so far. I don't know what will come of it, especially since it is already turning into a bigger work than I thought it would be. My original idea was to write a series of papers on my reasons for converting, what it means to recieve the sacraments, and all of that. However, my firstone, on why I am converting, is turning into a long detailed descrption of everything that has lead me up to this point personally, without my reasons in it yet, just my experiences, and it is getting ratehr long. Now I am thinking I might turn this project into a book, perhaps like the Hahn's book "Rome Sweet Home." Though I was thinking of something like "One Pilgrim's Story," or maybe "Confessions of a Convert" (since "Confessions of a Roman Catholic" is already taken. :D)

More soon. God bless and keep you all.

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