RCIA and Coming Home 

RCIA and Coming Home

As I have mentioned before, I am not only attending Mass, but also still going to services at my childhood church. This Sunday was no different, but yet it was. I realized this Sunday that a lot of the elements at Mass that are the most familiar and comforting are those that are very similar in the Presbyterian church I have attended for many years. For example, the colors used in the church for the various seasons are the same, and some of the words used for communion, including saying the words "The body of Christ" and "the blood of Christ" when the elements are offered. And of course the sermon....the homily at Mass.

Last night at dismissal we started a discussion on Baptism that we will finish up next week. Only one of of the people in our group last ngiht was actually not baptized yet at all, and he had done his homework, so we pretty much were able to talk through the whole list of elements that are present at a Baptism fairly quitckly, and frankly Ialmost wish I was headed toward baptism myself instead of just 3 days ago celebrating 3 years since my baptism in college; it just sounds like so much fun.... :D Next week we have to be there, and so do our sponsors/godparents, though I am not sure what the big deal is. I really am looknig forward to finally meeting my sponsor; the closest I came was 2 weeks ago when I was told by one of our leaders that she had seen my sponsor in Mass but she didn't come to our class after Mass was over. Sigh....well, if the roles were switched, I'm not sure I would be eager to meet me either, someone who is a bit of a spiritual mutt and knows absolutely no one who is Catholic well enough to sponsor me.

One last note to make tonight. This morning I unexpectedly had a delay in a job and was able to spend about 20 minutes praying in front the Blessed Sacrament. I really felt like things were better when I was done, and I certainly felt calmer. I then prayed the Rosary on the way to my office, and traffic was much easier to deal with, and my gas needle didn't move the whole way! Probably has to do with something mechanical I don't understand, but it was amazing, none the less. Anyway, my morning will be early, so have a blessed night, all.

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