Nervous? Yes! 

Nervous? Yes!

I'm up late tonight thinking about tomorrow and trying to prepare myself for it, especially spiritually. I finally recieved a book I requested over a month ago from Catholic Home Study Service called "We Believe," about Catholic beliefs and based on the Cathecism, and I started it tonight. I already finished another course from them about the Mass, which really helped me better understand and participate in Mass, both daily and Sunday.

The first chapter of "We Believe" is a general introduction to belief in God, and some of the questions for reflection really made me stop and think abot my experiences with God so far in my life and how my belief in God has affected me. The most striking question was one that asked what reason I would give for my belief, outside of those mentioned in the text, which were very convincing in and of themselves. I had to say that my main reason personally for believing in God, is that as one of my teachers said a long time ago, "There is no such thing as coincidence." By this he was refering to a concept of cause and effect which theorized that everything was in some way predictable if you really studied it, but it also applies strongly to how I can see God working in my life, in little things and big things. WHen my college roomate tried to commit suicide and I took a morning train back to campus from home on a whim and arrived in time to call an ambulance and end up saving her life, that was no coincidence. That was God directing events so one of His precious ones would be saved, and her family repaired (long story). There are no coincidences.

Also wanted to post a praise report. My mom found a ride to and from her chruch services tomorrow, so I don't have to concern myself with that difficulty anymore, and I talked with my RCIA director, and she found me a sponsor, Marcea (?). I wil fibnd out more tommorw nad meet her in a couple of weeks. Apparently she is out of town for a little bit right now, so Nancy, one of the RCIA teachers is going to stand in for her during the Rite of Acceptance tomorrow.

Well, I still want to do some more reading and then try to get some sleep, so I'll sign off for now. More tomorrow! May God less you all.

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