Ugh! Here I am again 

Ugh! Here I am again

Hi all,
Thought I was feeling better, and then I got hit with another nasty bug. This one won't let go, but I think I am finally on the mend. REALLY thankful for modern meds, let me tell you!

Anyhow, so much has happened since my last post! I went to midnight Mass on Chirstmas Day with my best friend and her boyfriend and loved it! I'm really looking forward now to doing it next year too! I was sick on New Year's Eve, went to Vigil mass and ended up spending a good deal of time in bed off and on since then. All day yesterday in fact. UGH! I really don't like being sick. I am trying to offer my suffering, but I'm not always very sincere or concentrating when I do, so I am not sure how well that will work.

In other news, I really like Advent/ Christmas as a Catholic. It is amazing that I have never really appreciated Advent before, even though my old church has always done the candle lighting (though in the worng order; the pink candle is lite last, not third). I have also been really getting into MySpace. I like the sharing and debate. Hey, last night I even had an exchange with someone who was disheartened about the state of her current church and the hiding of sins, and she was curious about the Catholic Church! Not sure that she will do anything about that, but it was still interesting.

My only real solid resolution for 2006 is to pray more, trying to actually maybe establish a specific time to prayer, or trying to pray the Divine Office at least once a day or so. I also have been convinced that I need to restart my daily prayers for my husband. I stopped sometime before Christmas and he needs my daily support in that way more than ever. His tooth is till bugging him, and we don't have the money to get that dealt with yet.

I am also resolved to get my Sirius radio unit intalled and activated, so I can start listening to EWTN now and again, as well as the music and other things. I have enjoyed my Christmas gift to myself though, as far as Catholic things go. I got a one month subscription to, an online RCIA class that is really stretching and challenging me, especially as I am off work, and we have not had dismissal in two weeks. We start back tomorrow at morning Mass.

One other thing to mention. Last week I went to Vigil Mass, actually hoping I could go to Confession beforehand; I even had the provebial "list" of my sins. The priest that I talked with though, told me to first check with the RCIA director and/or our head priest. SIgh. Maybe in a few more weeks. I haven't been sensible enough this week to call the parish office or my RCIA director, and i am not sure that jus showing up at confession this afternoon would be a good idea. I am not even sure that I should go to Mass tomorrow, depending on how I feel by then.

Till next time, may God richly bless you.

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