Feeling all right 

Feeling all right

Well, I must say that I have become a believer in chiropractic adjustment, if there was any doubt. I am feeling a bit achy, but nothing like before, and my Dr. says that is to be expected as my body gets used to being back in alignment. Also, I will be getting asponsor that I don't know yet. The person I was thinking of asking to be my sponsor is just too busy right now and cannot attend the meetings with me.

On the positive side, at my check up today, my vertebrae was still where it should be, and work was incredibly smooth. I even managed to get two jobs' paperwork finished up and ready to go. I have a day planned tomorrow with my dad while Hubby is working, going to a job and health fair. should be interesting. Also going to get to Mass in the morning before getting going on the day.

One last random note for the day: I love my Palm! I have recieved 3 long term schedules this week, and was able to preserve them all on my little handheld, in case the paper ones cannot be found when needed (which happenes waaaay too often as it is). Also, on Sunday I am going to attend the Mass that the dismissal will be at for the candidates, so maybe I can meet a few of them, if I can find anyone I might recognize, that is. Till next post then, thanks for reading.

PS. yes I know right now this blog is getting pointed at Catholicism, but hang on till I start getting into the studies on Sundays. I'm sure I'll see some interesting things..... :)

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