Back again 

Back again

Hi all,

I have been going back to work, and that has been draining all the energy I have to post to my blog here ,and next week is my Prostestant church's Vacation Bible School, which I will be participating in as much as possible. However at the moment I am still a bit confused about where God wants me to be, as far as going to church. I went to Mass this evening at my local parish, and really enjoyed it and felt at home, despite not much air conditioning and a lot of people. :) More at home and touched actually than I have felt in a bit at my regular church, and even at churches that clain to be "New Testament." This week I finished 2 books with Christian themes, one on the real story that inspired the movie "The Exorcist", and another on early Christian writings and what they reveal about the third century Church. A lot of what the Catholic Church now does is very similar to what the early writers talk about seeing in their own experiences of Christianity. MAybe I am on the right track, in exploring Catholicism, hopefully God will show me the path He wants me on. In fact today there was a huge ad in the bulletin at Mass about RCIA, more than just the little line in the directory on numbers about it. I am planning on calling about it sometime this week. I will keep you up to date, as much as I can as I continue this journey.

Till whenever we meet again.

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